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CAMRA Lunesdale

Bobbin Beer Festival (November 2006)

Lunesdale CAMRA branch report

General comments

We commend the management on putting on a lively and successful beer festival (again!) which gave an opportunity to try beers not normally stocked by Mitchell’s. Cellermanship could not be faulted, though the beers seemed somewhat on the warm side. A lot of interesting beers were on offer, “though not enough really good ones.” Some (but not all ) CAMRA members in the tasting groups felt that the music was too loud. Overall this was a welcome initiative that promoted real ale and the concepts of beer range and styles in a popular venue frequented by young drinkers.

Comments on individual beers

Mars Magic (Wold Top)
Essentially a mild: malty, lightly hopped, full of flavour. The beer of the evening for one taster. Rating: 3-4
Flat Cap (Bank Top)
“Straight Northern bitter Bitter”. One detected a “harshness on the palate” but another judged that it was “full of character, with real depth for its strength, and a long drying finish”. 3.
Roasted Nuts (Rebellion)
Rich toasted flavour, vinous aroma, warming. Very malty, light hint of chocolate, “most people liked this a lot”. 4.
Wherry (Woodforde’s)
Genuine disagreement on this. On the opening Thursday one taster commented: “Full-bodied for a quaffing ale. Good combination of malt and hops, with a dryish finish. Beer of the evening for me.” However, on Saturday the verdict was: “Could do better. Flat, and with a sticky aftertaste.” 4 (Thursday); 3-2 (Saturday).
Rich Ruby (Milestone)
Fruitily rich, like a weak old ale: “nothing special”. Others detected “an unusual flavour, quite subtle and delicate in the mouth, with a lingering perfumy, aromatic taste.” 3.
Honeypot (Old Bear)
Distinctive — flowery hop taste and aroma, strong honey palate. If you like honey beers: 4.
Boozy Floozy
A deliberately controversial brew? Cough mixture nose, huge spice flavour. Initially sweet but ending very (too?) dry. “Doesn’t quite come together — unlikely to be drunk very often” 3-2.
Cherry Bomb (Hanby)
Different. “Unpleasant synthetic aftertaste” was one verdict; “Hardly subtle in character — you either like it or hate it” was another. 2-3.
Peters Well (Houston)
“Aroma like a hop pocket, with a wheat aftertaste.” The feeling of the Saturday group was that it was a one dimensional brew, with unduly dominant hop character. 3-2.

As regards scores rating the festival as a whole for enjoyment and promotion of quality beer, the aggregate marks were:

Enjoyment: 3

Promotion of quality beer: 4

NB The scoring system used is the CAMRA National Beer Scoring Scheme as detailed on the survey cards.

Julian Holt (for Lunesdale CAMRA committee)

November 2006