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CAMRA Lunesdale

Whole Lotta Rosey

The reference is not to the large lady celebrated in AC-DC's classic hit but to Lunesdale CAMRA's recent outing to the Red Rose Brewery in Great Harwood.

Thirty-one CAMRA members and friends descended on Head Brewer Peter Booth's headquarters in thirsty and inquisitive mode. They were not disappointed on either score.

An informative tour and talk in which Peter discussed the history of the enterprise and the nature of the beers he brews was followed by much sampling of the ales themselves. Two were on hand pump in the brewery, and everyone drank deep and long before wending their way a few yards to The Royal, which is in effect the Red Rose brewery tap.

The Royal is a splendidly traditional community pub patronised by all age groups, where 8 hand pumps dispense a range of fine cask ales. We were able to try two from Bank Top and more from Red Rose, including the superb Paddy o' Hacker's Stout, and later pie and peas were served.

It was a most enjoyable evening:great beer, food, and fine company. Thanks to Peter and the staff at The Royal for their friendly welcomes and warm hospitality, and thanks to our driver, Rich Blaikie from Battersby's, who was forced to make the ultimate sacrifice — a night on the wagon — in order to ensure that he got the real wagon safely back home.

Julian Holt — Social Secretary