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“CAMRA's mission is to act as champion of the consumer on relation to the UK and European beer & drinks industry.

It aims to:

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Do you think it is right that about 36 pubs are closing every week?

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About 36 pubs close every week and most of these are local community pubs which are often run down by their owners and turned into private houses for a quick profit. Many communities no longer have a pub and CAMRA is acting through initiatives such as the Community Pubs Foundation and Pub is the Hub to stop unnecessary pub closures. The next one under threat could be your local!

9 out of 10 pints served contain less than 100% liquid.

Consumers lose over a million pounds a day due to short measure! We are lobbying the Government to change the law so you get what you pay for - a full pint every time.

6 out of 10 pubs are prevented from serving a guest beer of their choice.

Two thirds of pubs are restricted to selling beers brought from the brewery or pub company to which they are tied. CAMRA is campaigning for the introduction of a guest beer law which will give licensees the right to serve a guest beer of their choice and will improve the accessibility of real ale in British pubs.

CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, is a consumer group that was formed in 1971 to campaign to keep real ale alive. years later we now have discerning members and there are now more than 700 real ale breweries brewing over 2,500 different varieties of real ale in Britain.

CAMRA achievements:  

We have had many successes over the years which include:

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If you care about these issues and would like to help make a difference then join CAMRA today! For less than £1.70 a month you can join members across Britain and help to campaign for quality real ale and good pubs. As a member you will also receive the following:

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