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News Archive for 2016

Much of what has appeared on this site and its predecessor has vanished forever. From August 2002, these pages are an essentially complete record of the pub and brewery news, arranged in chronological order. (“Essentially complete” means “those things that came to our attention which have not since fallen prey to computer malfunction“) Before then, there is a patchy and incomplete record of pub news, culled from a variety of sources. Note that in a number of cases news items were published in good faith which subsequently turned out to be not entirely true. No attempt has been made to retrospectively hide our errors.

9 January

The Slice of Siclly. (Claughton-on-Brock) has been turned into another Italain restaurant, this time called "Slice of Sicily"..

The licensee has retired from the Ring O’Bells (Lancaster) and it is closed..

Correction: you can still go into the former Slice of Siclly. (Claughton-on-Brock) for a drink so it still counts as a pub...

15 January

Change of licensee at:

17 January

Fibber’s (Lancaster) is closed for refurbishment..

The Duke of Rothesay (Heysham) is getting a new manager at the end of January..

19 January

The Eagle & Child (Garstang) 'tried real ale but it didn't sell'..

The Ship (Overton) has been bought by a man with the declared intention of reopening it as a pub..

20 January

The Penny Bank (Lancaster) is to close from 24 January .- 11 February for refurb..

25 January

The Tithebarn (Garstang) ..

27 January

The Regent Park Studios (Morecambe) ..

13 February

The Exchange (Morecambe) has reopened as the "Exchange"..

The Exchange (Morecambe) ..

15 February

Change of licensee at:

16 February

Fibber’s (Lancaster) has reopened after redecoration..

The Ring O’Bells (Lancaster) has reopened with a new licensee but no other changes..

18 February

The Stork (Conder Green) is shut..

20 February

The Bradford (Morecambe) is for sale..

The Hest Bank (Hest Bank) is for sale..

The Lunesdale (Tunstall) is for sale..

The Park (Morecambe) is for sale asa a develpoment opportunity..

The Redwell (Gressingham) is for sale..

27 February

The Chieftain (Morecambe) is having major work done..

2 March

The Old Brewery (Ingleton) closed Sept 15. Due to re-open around May 2016 under new private ownership following an extensive refurbishment. It will remain a free house, but unlikely to sell Settle Brewery beers. ..

The Stork (Conder Green) has reopened. Minimal changes (no more South African food)..

The Ship (Overton) is due to reopen at Easter. It will not have the eggs, etc, but expect good beer and no food..

9 March

The Clapham Bunkhouse and Bar (Clapham) ..

10 March

The Canal Turn (Carnforth) has reopened..

The Chieftain (Morecambe) has reopened..

The John O’Gaunt (Central Lancaster) is shut for refurbishment..

15 March

Change of licensee at:

24 March

Change of licensee at:

28 March

The Ship (Overton) is open. Work is still going on, but it still has the same rooms and bar, rather Spartan decor and four real ales..

6 April

Change of licensee at:

11 April

Major work underway at the Old Brewery (Ingleton) . It is intended to reopen in May under the name "Masons".

The long-awaited reopening of the Royal (Silverdale) is said to be imminent..

The George (Morecambe) is to be turned into one huge room, with the bar re-sited..

17 April

The Royal (Silverdale) has reopened after a long closure. It has been completely modernised inside and the garden is gone. Three real ales...

2 May

The ex-landlady of the Punch Bowl (Burton-in-Lonsdale) has taken on the Horse & Farrier (Bentham) ..

The Punch Bowl (Burton-in-Lonsdale) has been bought at last and is due to reopen..

The Strawberry Gardens (Heysham) is to close for refurbishment. It is set to reopen with six handpumps and a CAMRA disount..

4 May

The Bobbin (Lancaster) will be opening its doors on Friday 27th May. ..

5 June

The Yorkshire House (Lancaster) is to reopen on 10 June..

8 June

The Dog & Partridge (Morecambe) is closed for refurbishment..

20 June

The Dog & Partridge (Morecambe) reopened after renovation on the 10th of June..

The Masons (Ingleton) ..

27 June

The Kenlis Arms (Barnacre) is for sale..

The Redwell (Gressingham) is for sale..

30 June

Provincial Hotels and Inns: is a pubco just established in order to buy 11 Mitchells pubs. Little of real interest is known a the moment but it seems Dent beers will be sold.

7 July

The Redwell (Gressingham) is for sale..

8 July

The Marton Arms (Thornton-in-Lonsdale) reopened in June..

15 July

Change of licensee at:

25 July

Mark Cutter (Robert Gillow, Juke Joint) has taken the lease on the Apothecary (Lancaster) . .

The Robert Gillow (Lancaster) is to become a managed house, forcing out the tenant. Its character will change...

3 August

The Bradford (Morecambe) is for sale..

The Globe (Overton) is for sale...

The New Inn (Yealand Conyers) has been bought by the owner of the Longlands (Tewitfield) and Plato's (Kirkby Lonsdale), after a community buyout failed and is due to reopen..

The York (Morecambe) is for sale...

5 August

The Cross Keys (Carnforth) is closed and the signs have been taken down..

The Bowerham (Lancaster) has been sold into private hands. It is shortly to be done up and reopen with five real ales..

25 August

Latino’s (Lancaster) is being refurbished.When it reopens it will no longer do tapas..

26 August

The Taps on the Green (Carnforth) ..

8 September

The Boot & Shoe (Lancaster) is having a "makeover". Reopening November..

The White Cross (Lancaster) is being refurbished. Reopening 12 September..

13 September

The Smuggler’s Den (Morecambe) reopened on 27 August..

The Royal (Heysham) is closed for refurbishment..

15 September

The Britannia (Lancaster) has been bought by the owners of the Borough. It should be open by Christmas..

The management at the John O'Gaunt have acquired the Market Street Chippy (Lancaster) and plan to make it a micropub..

The Wineyard (Morecambe) is to be turned into a micro pub. The owners, MBW, also plan to open a shop and bar at their base in White Lund..

14 October

The Crown (Morecambe) has reopened..

The Juke Joint (Lancaster) is apparently not going to reopen. Instead, it and the neighbouring premises will be converted to student flats..

15 October

Change of licensee at:

2 November

The Market Street Chippy (Lancaster) is evidently not to become a micropub..

The Taps on the Green (Carnforth) has reopened..

9 November

The micro-pub to be in the Little Bare (Morecambe) is to be called "Little Bare"..

The Hest Bank (Hest Bank) ..

14 November

There are plans to reopen the Queen’s (Morecambe) , but it will be as a hotel and restaurant with a very small bar..

The Robert Gillow (Lancaster) is having an £85 000 refurbishment..

20 November

The New Inn (Yealand Conyers) has reopened..

28 November

The Duke of Rothesay (Heysham) no longer stocks real ale or bottles due to low demand.May put back during TT period..

Avid Brewing Co: Another new brewery, this one in Quernmore. Already have equipment and planning permission. Should be up and running in the New Year.

1 December

The Bath (Morecambe) is to reopen on 2 December..

The Juke Joint (Lancaster) is after all being sold separately..

The Royal Oak (Lancaster) is closed and boarded up. Is this the end for the last pub in Skerton?..

4 December

The Royal (Lancaster) ..

7 December

The Blue Anchor (Bolton-le-Sands) is temporarily open for Christmas..

11 December

The Boot & Shoe (Lancaster) is to reopen on 14 December..

The New Inn (Yealand Conyers) has not reopened and it looks as though it will be a while yet..

The Britannia (Lancaster) is to reopen as a Borough Brewery pub on 20 December..

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