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News Archive for 2017

Much of what has appeared on this site and its predecessor has vanished forever. From August 2002, these pages are an essentially complete record of the pub and brewery news, arranged in chronological order. (“Essentially complete” means “those things that came to our attention which have not since fallen prey to computer malfunction“) Before then, there is a patchy and incomplete record of pub news, culled from a variety of sources. Note that in a number of cases news items were published in good faith which subsequently turned out to be not entirely true. No attempt has been made to retrospectively hide our errors.

9 January

The Juke Joint (Lancaster) has been sold, to what purpose is as yet unknown..

12 January

The Globe (Overton) (closed) has been sold to the owner of the Morecambe Hotel..

The Royal Oak (Lancaster) has been taken on by the management of the Penny Bank..

The York (Morecambe) has been bought by a pubco called "Bravo Inns" and is having a comprehensive revamp..

8 February

The Carleton Inn (Morecambe) is to become a hotel an restaurant..

The Palatine (Morecambe) ..

The Royal Oak (Hornby) is closed and for sale..

The Station (Caton) is another pub closed for refurb..

The Carleton Inn (Morecambe) ..

The Palatine (Morecambe) has reopened and is being run by teh ex-manager of the Royal Bar...

15 February

Change of licensee at:

22 February

The Royal Oak (Lancaster) has reopened..

14 March

Change of licensee at:

15 March

Change of licensee at:

17 March

The Little Bare (Morecambe) a micropub on Prnicess Crescent, opened on 14 March..

The Pendle Witch (Lancaster) has reopened after a £130,000 refurbishment...

1 April

The New Inn (Yealand Conyers) reopened on 9 March..

3 April

The Bradford (Morecambe) (sold recently to Bravo Inns) has had its licence revoked..

The York (Morecambe) has reopened..

The Station (Caton) has reopened..

11 April

The Bradford (Morecambe) is to done up starting late April..

4 May

The Marton Arms (Thornton-in-Lonsdale) is closed, but may have been sold..

8 May

The Royal (Heysham) reopened on 29 April..

14 May

The Taps on the Green (Carnforth) is apparently for sale..

23 May

1725 (Central Lancaster) is now being run by Paolo Giannis. Still a tapas bar, but the ale prices have come down..

Hustle (Lancaster) is going to be incorporated into the neighbouring Sir Richard Owen. This surely ends hope for the Green Ayre ever reopening as a Wetherspoons..

11 June

The Craven Heifer (Ingleton) reopened on 26 April after a facelift and now has five beers from micros alongside two from Thwaites..

20 June

The Bar Eighteen66. (Morecambe) has reopened with real ale (not too exciting) under the name of Bar Eighteen66..

The Bar Eighteen66. (Morecambe) ..

14 July

The Marton Arms (Thornton-in-Lonsdale) reopened on 30 June, having been sold by Enterprise. Five handpumps..

The Royal Oak (Lancaster) ..

21 July

The Lunesdale (Tunstall) has been sold and is cosed for refurbishment. No major alterations are proposed...

The Tatham Bridge (Wennington) has been sold to the sitting tenant. It now sells different beers and has reverted to the old name of "Tatham Bridge" but nothing else seems to have changed..

27 July

There has been an application for planning permission to turn the Victoria (Glasson Dock) into flats..

28 July

The Taps on the Green (Carnforth) has not been sold (contrary to earlier rumour) but is for sale..

5 August

The Wellington (Morecambe) has been smartened up and reverted to its old name of ‘Wellingotn’..

23 August

There is going to be a refurbishment at the Royal King’s Arms (Lancaster) , but no mention of any bar, except a coffee bar. ..

The refurbished Strawberry Gardens (Heysham) reopened on 18 August..

24 August

The Hadlow’s BBQ Flames (Cabus) ..

1 September

Change of licensee at:

15 September

Change of licensee at:

16 September

Oscar’s (Lancaster) is closed and is to reopen as one of Amber Taverns' "Hoigarth" chain. We can expect a better choice of beer...

A new cocktail bar called Tipple (Lancaster) is to open on King Street..

21 September

The Snug (Carnforth) is closing on 5 October for essential repairs to the structure.and expects to ropen in February..

The Lunesdale (Tunstall) is reopening on 28 September...

2 October

Change of licensee at:

2 November

The Wellington (Morecambe) is closed for a bar refit, reopening on 10th November with more regular beers.

The JB's Bar (Morecambe) ..

21 November

The proprieters of the Ship (Overton) are going on holiday and will be closed from Friday 5 January to a Weds 24 January inclusive. They reopen at 5pm on Thursday 25 January...

29 November

The Station (Ribblehead) has just finished a major refurbishment. The bar has been moved and the whole pub feels like a pub now with no tables specifically laid out for dining..

8 December

Hogarths (Lancaster) has reopened as Hogarths. Now wood-panelled, lots of gins, no food, 4 real ales (all local so far)..

The Hogarths (Lancaster) ..

11 December

The New Inn (Galgate) is a victim of the recent floods and will be closed iindefinitely..

12 December

The Blue Anchor (Bolton-le-Sands) is to close in the new year to complete its refurb..

Tim Tomlinson (White Cross, Merchants) has bought the Stonewell Tavern (Lancaster) ..

25 December

The Stonewell Tavern (Lancaster) has been bought by Tim Tomlinson (.White Cross, Merchants). Three hadpumps at present but more promised (ans more other kinds of beer)..

The Duke of Lancaster (Lancaster) has been let to Mark Cutter and renamed '75 Church Street'. Real ale promised..

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