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News Archive for 2000

Much of what has appeared on this site and its predecessor has vanished forever. From August 2002, these pages are an essentially complete record of the pub and brewery news, arranged in chronological order. (“Essentially complete” means “those things that came to our attention which have not since fallen prey to computer malfunction“) Before then, there is a patchy and incomplete record of pub news, culled from a variety of sources. Note that in a number of cases news items were published in good faith which subsequently turned out to be not entirely true. No attempt has been made to retrospectively hide our errors.

New Year 2000

Mitchells News

Mitchells started to put some better beers in some of their pubs at almost the same time as you got the last issue. The date of 21 October quoted there was for the start of the Bobbin beer festival. This was excellent. Another is planned for March.

But... everything in the garden is far from rosy. There are three main gripes:

More complaining; both to the company and in the pubs, is required. Actually, the company is aware of the problems with Tavern, but they claim to be bound by a contract. A little prodding in this area would not go amiss.

Corrections and Clarifications

The current licensee of the Golden Lion denies all knowledge of any alterations. Apologies.

Bryson’s News

George Palmer has received planning permission to build a brewery in his back garden, limited to 1500 barrels per year. It will contain an off the-shelf 2½-barrel plant from Mossbrew in Blackburn. The first beers should be brewed in April. Trials will be held soon to determine which beers they should be. The trading area is anticipated to be limited to the Heysham West End area.

Pub News

At two recent licensing sessions, there were applications for alterations to the Fox & Goose, William Mitchell and Whoop Hall, but these were all withdrawn so I don’t know what the plans are.


Changes of licensee at Black Bull (Bentham), Farmer’s Arms (Garstang), Golden Ball (also have the Windmill, Clifton), Kenlis Arms, Melling Hall, Shovel (Carnforth).

A small bar is to be removed at the Cross Keys, Carnforth


Changes of licensee at Albert, Blue Anchor (Skerton), Blob Shop, Britannia, Elemental, Golden Lion, John O’Gaunt (Vale), Ridge (new licensee had Red Cross last year), Royal King’s Arms, Sun, Varsity.

The Alex has just reopened after refurbishment. It is selling Jennings bitter and Snecklifter.

The George & Dragon has started selling interesting beers alongside the other stuff. Of late, it has had Batemans mild.

With the Firkin breweries shut , the Friary & Firkin is now selling the same boring beer as nearly everyone else. There have been no changes noted to the other ex-Allied pubs (yet).

Spooner’s no longer has real ale.

The plan to open a Wetherspoon’s pub in the JJB Sports building has got past the city planning committee: now it has to face the licensing justices.

A rumour has reached my ears that Paeder at the Wagon & Horses is ready to leave.

Morecambe & Heysham

Changes of licensee at Bradford Arms, Bull.

The licensee of the Bierkeller now also has Maggie’s Bar in the same building.

The Chieftain no longer has real ale, despite a sign outside saying it has.

Pub News Spring 2000


The New Inn, Wray, has been sold: apparently the new owner wants to reopen it as a pub.

The Sun Dial, Bentham, has ditched its independents’ beers in favour of Flowers’ Original.

Contrariwise, Fullers has been spotted at the Station, Caton, but not when I went.

The New Inn, Yealand, has stopped selling mild.

The Whoop Hall near Kirkby Lonsdale is to have a minor refurbishment. Burlington’s (the former Slyne Lodge) is also having a refurbishment to go with a new licensee.


The Red Cross has closed, seemingly for good.

The Ring 0’Bells has started selling ind~pendent brews.

The new Wetherspoon’s (currently named “CafeBar”) still hasn’t got a licence.

Change of licensee at the Blue Anchor, Skerton.

The developers of Bentley’s have been having difficulties and have had to change their plans.

The Greaves awaits a manager.

The Royal has got a new licensee and redecorated.

Rumours of a change of licensee at the Wagon & Horses are untrue.

Morecambe & Heysham

New licensees at the Tivoli, Bradford Arms, Maggie’s Bar and Royal (Heysham).

6 June

Fat Scot (Lancaster) has changed its name to Spooners

Baroque (Morecambe) .

15 August

Change of licensee at:

1 September

Rileys (Lancaster) has changed its name to Rack’em

15 December

Change of licensee at:
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