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News Archive for 2019

Much of what has appeared on this site and its predecessor has vanished forever. From August 2002, these pages are an essentially complete record of the pub and brewery news, arranged in chronological order. (“Essentially complete” means “those things that came to our attention which have not since fallen prey to computer malfunction“) Before then, there is a patchy and incomplete record of pub news, culled from a variety of sources. Note that in a number of cases news items were published in good faith which subsequently turned out to be not entirely true. No attempt has been made to retrospectively hide our errors.

1 January

The Park (Morecambe) has a new manager who is keen on cask beer. It also now has regular if limited opening hours...

2 January

The Palatine (Morecambe) will close soon for a major refurbishment. ..

The owners of the Station (Ribblehead) have taken it in hand to bring it back up to standard..

9 January

The Clarendon (Morecambe) has been sold..

Fibber’s (Lancaster) is shut..

The Royal Oak (Lancaster) is for sale..

10 January

The Greaves Park (Lancaster) has been bought by Greene King..

15 January

The Brockholes Arms (Claughton-on-Brock) ..

28 January

The Bookmakers Bar (Heysham) has at last opened as a micropub with five changing beers. .

5 February

The Eagle’s Head (Over Kellet) is closed for three weeks' refurbishment..

There is a planning application to convert the Royal Oak (Hornby) to two dwellings..

The Keys (Slyne) has been sold to Greene King..

The Hest Bank (Hest Bank) is to close on 18 February for 2 weeks of refurbishment..

The Palatine (Morecambe) has reopened after its refurb. Not much changed except for the bar counter..

13 February

The Bay Horse (Arkholme) is closed or mostly closed. The licensee is woriking in the Blue Anchor (Bolton-le-Sands). Nobody seems to know what is going on. One rumour is that the locals are trying to buy it..

15 February

Change of licensee at:

1 March

The Ship (Caton) has been closed since December and is to let. ..

15 March

Change of licensee at:

21 March

The Tivoli (Morecambe) is to close for good..

Ye Olde Shambles (Lancaster) is a new pub opening behind Starbucks. Looks too big for a micropub..

3 April

We've found that the Shambles (Lancaster) is planned to open at Easter and have three handpumps..

5 April

The 75 Church Street (Lancaster) is closed following bakruptcy..

8 April

There is a planning application to repair the Friary (Lancaster) . It's not clear what it will be turned into..

13 April

Embargo (Morecambe) reopened on 12 April as a "Craft Bar", with four handpumps..

The Embargo (Morecambe) ..

The Ship (Caton) reopened on 5 April, initially with no food..

15 April

The Old Post Office (Ingleton) reopened on March 18 with onger opening hours and real ale..

20 April

The Dalton Arms (Glasson Dock) has bee renovated in a smart contemporary manner, predominantly grey. Everything else is unchanged..

30 April

The Hest Bank (Hest Bank) (new tenant mid-March) is being refurbished but staying open. Work due to finish June 6..

The Keys (Slyne) is to close on 2 May for 6 weeks of refurbishment..

1 May

Corless: A new "cuckoo" brewery mainly using Avid's plant

Census: A new operation based in Carnforth but currently using Foxfield's brewery.

Lancaster Brewery Co: are set to open a bar in Lancaster railway station.

2 May

The Holly (Forton) currently has no real ale but this may change "when it picks up"..

4 May

Change of licensee at:

8 May

Fibber’s (Lancaster) has reopened under the same ownership as Hustle and Generation, but there is no intention to make it another of the kind. It has reopened with two real ales and two more promised..

Revolution (Lancaster) has been bought by Stonegate and is to reopen as a Wlakabout..

Q Brewery have bought the Taps on the Green (Carnforth) , having abandoned the idea of a public bar in their brewery.

17 May

There is a plan to put a restaurant upstiars in the Palatine (Morecambe) ..

The Punch Bowl (Bentham) has been sold to an individual. The same man is in charge, but it now seems to be tied to Black Sheep..

There is a planning application to convert the Queen’s (Carnforth) to a hairdresser's..

The Shambles (Lancaster) is to open on 18 May, initially without real ale..

20 May

Change of licensee at:

13 June

The Royal (Bolton-le-Sands) is closed for refurbishment..

17 June

The Duke of Rothesay (Heysham) is to let..

25 June

Revolution (Lancaster) is to let again..

4 July

Workmen are inside 1725 (Central Lancaster) . It's going to reopen late July under the same management as the Cornerhouse..

There are workmen in 75 Church Street (Lancaster) . It's going to reopen this month as the DANDY LION, afternoon teas & Caberet..

The Boardwalk (Morecambe) ..

8 July

The new mangement in the Boardwalk (Morecambe) has put a real ale in..

17 July

The Globe (Overton) has been sold. Whatever plans the new owner has are unknown..

19 July

The William Mitchell (Morecambe) is being done up. Reopening early August..

23 July

The Taps on the Green (Carnforth) (now owned by Q Brew) will open on 26 July. ..

27 July

The man who turned the Farmers Arms (Garstang) back into a pub, and put on some good beer has died..

30 July

The Sun Dial (Bentham) is to let..

6 August

The Britannia (Lancaster) is for sale..

12 August

The William Mitchell (Morecambe) has reopened. New contemporary decor but otherwise the same..

19 August

The new tenants of the Tap House (Lancaster) have arrived. Small changes, including the arrival of a bandit and (soon) substantial snacks..

20 August

The Greaves Park (Lancaster) has reopened. New decor and a better beer choice..

31 August

It would seem that plans to reopen 75 Church Street (Lancaster) as Dandy Lion have come unstuck..

The Royal (Bolton-le-Sands) has reopened. It now has a fashionable coulour-scheme but little else has altered..

10 September

The Boot & Shoe (Lancaster) has been bought by Lees, the Manchester family brewer..

The Keys (Slyne) is to reopen on 7 September under its old name of "Cross Keys"..

Lancaster Brewery (Lancaster) is being extended. Bigger Drinking area and a separate shop.

The tenant has left the Blue Anchor (Bolton-le-Sands) ..

The The Pub (Lancaster) has been sold and the new owners have bought the adjacent vacant plot..

27 September

There is a licensing application for a new micropub called Great Scott (Lancaster) , on Scotforth Road..

12 October

Paolo Giannis. (Central Lancaster) reopened on 10 October. Redecorated and re-furnished but not much altered - except the prices have dropped a lot and it's been renamed "Paolo Gianni's". Four handpumps..

Kanteena (Lancaster) opened on 11 October. A loading bay with a bar and a stage. Four handpumps..

The Shambles (Lancaster) is for sale..

The Paolo Giannis. (Central Lancaster) ..

The Kanteena (Lancaster) ..

22 October

The Cross Keys (Slyne) ..

27 October

Another micropub coming to Scotforth, this one called the Wobbly Cobbler (Lancaster) . .

6 November

The Water Witch (Lancaster) now has a permanent manager..

13 November

The Th’Owd Tithebarn (Garstang) has reverted to being "Th'Owd" under its new owners..

Provincial Hotels and Inns: are selling all their remaining pubs

14 November

The Lodge. (Slyne) has closed awaiting a new tenant..

13 December

Borough Brewery: are now only producing canned beer.

14 December

The Patten Arms (Winmarleigh) now has a brewery in the cellar, just brewing a single cask beer for the pub..

15 December

The Lodge. (Slyne) has reopened under new management..

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