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News Archive for 2004

Much of what has appeared on this site and its predecessor has vanished forever. From August 2002, these pages are an essentially complete record of the pub and brewery news, arranged in chronological order. (“Essentially complete” means “those things that came to our attention which have not since fallen prey to computer malfunction“) Before then, there is a patchy and incomplete record of pub news, culled from a variety of sources. Note that in a number of cases news items were published in good faith which subsequently turned out to be not entirely true. No attempt has been made to retrospectively hide our errors.

3 January

The Eric Bartholomew (Morecambe) , to be called the Eric Bartholomew, is to open in March..

9 January

Change of licensee at:

The Victoria (Lancaster) is shut and may never reopen..

14 January

The licensee is leaving the Park (Lancaster) ..

The Royal (Lancaster) now has cask beer..

The Yorkshire House (Lancaster) has gained an extra cask beer (now has 4)..

The Sun (Lancaster) is now serving food and is open in the afternoon..

(owners of Sante (Lancaster)) have acquired Toast.

20 January

Mitchells: have started taking Cropton beer (a micro in the North York Moors).

24 January

The licensee of the Three Mariners (Lancaster) is leaving..

29 January

The former owners of the Crown & Anchor (Heysham) hve got planning permission to turn the old Chinese restaurant in Heysham Village as a pub..

2 February

The tenancy of the Farmer’s Arms (Garstang) is being advertised..

5 February

The Golden Ball (Snatchems) is selling real cider (Old Rosie)..

Kampus (Lancaster) is now all-keg..

11 February

It seems that rumours that the steward of the Graduate College Bar (Lancaster University) was leaving were a negotiating ploy for a better contract. I am now assured he is staying..

The bar manager at the Marton Arms (Thornton-in-Lonsdale) , inherited from the previous regime, is leaving. The start of the slippery slope?.

The Pickerings (Catterall) is up for sale..

The tenancy of the Ridge (Lancaster) is being advertised..

The new owner of the Scarthwaite (Crook O'Lune) may get cask beer..

John Welsh, formerly of the Pickerings (Catterall) is to take over the Three Mariners (Lancaster) on 1 March..

There is a rumour that Norman Jackson has already got the Victoria (Lancaster) and the site will be turned into flats..

19 February

The Eagle & Child (Garstang) is to let..

The Th’Owd Tithebarn (Garstang) seems to have dropped Tetley bitter in favour of another independent brew..

27 February

The Royal Oak (Lancaster) is to let..

3 March

The lease of the White Cross (Lancaster) is being advertised..

5 March

Change of licensee at:

Unique still intend to keep the Royal (Silverdale) as a pub, but it may be a while before it reopens..

17 March

Brysons: Brysons are to brew a special beer for the Sun and Water Witch (Lancaster). There is/was a tasting on 18 March.

24 March

Mitchells are looking for a new tenant for the Golden Ball (Snatchems) . The existing tenant has been offered another berth. In the meantime, this pub appears to be shut..

26 March

The Bridge (Wennington) is to let..

The George & Dragon (Wray) is to let..

2 April

Change of licensee at:

6 April

The Eric Bartholomew (Morecambe) opened on 4 April. See our home page..

The Three Mariners (Lancaster) is to close for refurbishment after Easter, mainly affecting the kitchen. Afterwards, there is expected to be a full menu and six draught beers..

I hear the Bull (Morecambe) is shut..

21 April

Update on the Three Mariners (Lancaster) - the planned closure for refurbishment is now in May for seven weeks. Meanwhile, John is getting some beers off Mitchells list, like Hart (as well as ones on it)..

The Pickerings (Catterall) has been sold. There is some hope for cask beer..

Brysons: Brysons are to brew a St George's Day beer, a 4.6% wheat/rye beer, red in colour. Ready April 24 (of course). List of outlets on the Bryson's website.

Mitchells: have allowed one licensee to take some beers on a "free house" basis. (The Three Mariners (Lancaster)).

22 April

I hear that the licensee of the George & Dragon (Lancaster) is leaving..

26 April

muse (Lancaster) is shut..

30 April

The Patten Arms (Winmarleigh) now has guest beers. Actually it may have had them for some time and nobody told me..

The Priory (Scorton) has a Bowland Brewery beer (a house brew)..

7 May

Change of licensee at:

Alterations in hand at the New Holly (Forton) ..

The Strawberry Gardens (Heysham) is to be refurbished..

14 May

The Brown Cow (Lancaster) is being gutted (contrary to Thwaites promises) and extended into the old travel agents next door..

The Three Mariners (Lancaster) is not intended to shut now while it is being done up..

5 June

The management of the William Mitchell (Morecambe) is being advertised..

7 June

Change of licensee at:

The Farmer’s Arms (Garstang) seems to have a permanent tenant.

The George & Dragon (Lancaster) is to let..

The Queen’s (Carnforth) is to let..

9 June

Mitchells: are now taking beers from Copper Dragon of Skipton.

Brysons: New bigger brewing plant is to be installed.

12 June

Muse has reopened as LAOne (Lancaster) ..

The Golden Ball (Snatchems) is open again with a beer range including a Mitchells guest and Jennings mild..

16 June

The Collegian (Lancaster) is to sell guest beers alongside the Jennings..

23 June

The Royal (Silverdale) is being redecorated and should reopen in mid-July..

24 June

Change of licensee at:

The lease of the John O’Gaunt (Central Lancaster) is being advertised..

28 June

The Yorkshire House (Lancaster) is to gain a handpump selling perry or cider (alternating)..

4 July

Change of licensee at:

Rack’em (Lancaster) has opened on Church Street. This is a snooker hall, but it will have a full on-licence..

7 July

Contrary to earlier reports, the Bridge (Wennington) is not to let..

The Sun (Lancaster) , only just complete in its present form, is now to be extended into the travel agents next door..

Kerry at the White Lion (Halton) is planning to go..

9 July

Laurel Pub Co have sold their neighbourhood pubs to Greene King. This includes the Dog & Partridge (Morecambe) . It is currently being altered. The beer choice at this pub has dwindled to insignificance, so new owners hold no terrors..

14 July

The Heaton Hall (Lancaster) is up for sale - Punch are allegedly interested..

Rumours surround the future of the George (Morecambe) -any definite information would be welcome..

The licensee of the George & Dragon (Lancaster) is leaving soon..

The licensee of the Ring O’Bells (Lancaster) is going..

Seaborn Stores (Morecambe) is now stocking 50 bottled beers. Worth the detour (Seaborn Road, Bare)..

15 July

Change of licensee at:

21 July

The Litten Tree (Lancaster) no longer has cask beer (since June)..

The Thurnham Mill (Conder Green) no longer has cask beer..

25 July

There is to be a new licensee at the Greyhound (Halton) on 28 July..

1 August

The Royal (Silverdale) reopened on 30 July with 4 cask beers (nothing special)..

6 August

Change of licensee at:

Structural alterations at the New Holly (Forton) are proposed..

7 August

Brysons: Brysons beers are now in the local ASDA store. At present the only beer is Castle (non-bottle-conditioned).

8 August

John Welsh, late of the Three Mariners and the Pickerings, is the new licensee of the Greyhound (Halton) . It currently has five cask beers from S&N and regionals but beers from Lancashire micros are promised..

10 August

The former licensees of the Crown & Anchor are intending to open a new pub called the Barrows (Heysham) at 2 Barrows Lane. Sarah and Henry hope to open the pub in the next 18 months or so. They are waiting this long so that they will not need loans from breweries or agents, and will be truly independent..

14 August

The Strawberry Gardens (Heysham) is in fact having extensive alterations to turn it into a "John Barras" pub, S&N's community pub brand. It will open on Monday 13 September. It should have cask beer in three months..

18 August

The licensee has left the Royal (Heysham) ..

22 August

An application to turn the Flying Horseshoe (Clapham) into apartments has been turned down by Craven District Council. No sign of it reopening however..

The Nib (Warton) is to let..

3 September

Change of licensee at:

The Fleece (Dolphinholme) is having some small alterations in connection with opening letting bedrooms..

8 September

The Boot & Shoe (Lancaster) is closing in October for a minor refurb..

The John O’Gaunt (Vale) has guest beers..

Sante (Lancaster) is being bought by C2 - changeover 1 October. Unfortunately, there is no cellar for cask beer..

The Spooners (Lancaster) is being gutted and will reopen as "Cube"..

17 September

The latest on Spooners (Lancaster) is that it will reopen as "mood"..

19 September

The licensee of the White Lion (Halton) is probably going on 28 September..

23 September

The Queen’s (Carnforth) has a new permanent tenant..

24 September

Spooners reopened on 24 September as mood (Lancaster) ..

28 September

Brysons: Bowerham Barracks Bitter has bee replaced in the Sun and the Water Witch by Shifting Sands. It will now be available to any licensee.

30 September

The Fox & Goose (Lancaster) is to let..

1 October

Change of licensee at:

There are alterations afoot at LAOne (Lancaster) ..

14 October

The rooms at the Fleece (Dolphinholme) are now open: there is a £200 000 refurbishment downstairs now under way. Six hand pulls are promised..

19 October

Steve is set to leave the John O’Gaunt (Central Lancaster) at the end of November. The end of an era..

20 October

The Duke of Lancaster (Lancaster) has cask beer again. (Bodds and Bomber).

30 October

Brysons: Brysons has ceased production. Further details as and when I have them.

31 October

Change of licensee at:

4 November

I have it on good authority that the Highwayman (Nether Burrow) is open again. However it was closed when I went past it on a Thursday afternoon..

5 November

Change of licensee at:

The Bull has reopened with a new licensee under the name of " Ma Murphy’s Irish Bar (Morecambe) "..

Alterations proposed at LAOne (Lancaster) ..

9 November

The Fox & Goose (Lancaster) is to have the bar re-sited and a conservatory built..

15 November

Change of licensee at:

Brysons: Beer-lovers in this area suffered a great blow at the end of October. On the 20th October 2004, four years after starting brewing, the last beer was brewed by Brysons. Once current stocks are sold (probably by the end of November) the company will cease to trade. Negotiations are proceeding for disposing of the assets. It seems that George basically wants his life back.

16 November

Sometime in the summer, the former owners of the Wheatsheaf (Ingleton) sold it to Honeycombe Leisure. A groan is the natural response to this news, but it seems that the beer range at least is now wider than before..

17 November

Mitchells: Mitchells have bought the Lindale Inn (Lindale), a long way outside our branch area.

20 November

Maggie’s Bar (Morecambe) has changed its name to Maggie’s Bar

Morecambe FC (Morecambe) has changed its name to JB's Bar

It appears that the Melling Hall (Melling) is being turned into housing..

22 November

The Penny Bank (Lancaster) is to let..

1 December

Change of licensee at:

The Three Mariners (Lancaster) is to close in the new year for small alterations including a bigger bar..

The new licensee of the John O’Gaunt (Central Lancaster) is a long-standing customer of the pub who intends to keep things the same..

3 December

Change of licensee at:

4 December

The licensee of the Bridge (Wennington) has handed in his notice..

6 December

The Fleece (Dolphinholme) has now reopened after its refurb..

The Thurnham Mill (Conder Green) has been bought by Mitchells. The beer can only improve..

10 December

Change of licensee at:

17 December

Following the death of the licensee's husband, the Imperial (Morecambe) now has no cask beer..

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