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News Archive for 2005

Much of what has appeared on this site and its predecessor has vanished forever. From August 2002, these pages are an essentially complete record of the pub and brewery news, arranged in chronological order. (“Essentially complete” means “those things that came to our attention which have not since fallen prey to computer malfunction“) Before then, there is a patchy and incomplete record of pub news, culled from a variety of sources. Note that in a number of cases news items were published in good faith which subsequently turned out to be not entirely true. No attempt has been made to retrospectively hide our errors.

7 January

Change of licensee at:

12 January

The licensee of the Wagon & Horses (Lancaster) is leaving..

13 January

The licensee of the Dog & Partridge (Morecambe) has left..

The Merchant’s (Lancaster) has cask ale again..

The Three Mariners (Lancaster) will close for refurb on 16 January..

20 January

The licensee of the County (Carnforth) is moving to the Packet Boat (Bolton-le-Sands)..

22 January

The licensee of the King’s Arms (Hale) is leaving in the summer..

4 February

Calderbank Country Lodge (Oakenclough) has now got cask beer. [note: this place is basically a restaurant but it seems to be becoming more of a pub. Bowland Hen Harrier on the weekend of 4/5 Feb].

13 February

The Thurnham Mill (Conder Green) has cask beer (Tiger and house beer on 13/2)..

27 February

Change of licensee at:

5 March

Change of licensee at:

The Crown (Morecambe) is to reopen as a hotel with a fully-licensed bar..

The Galleon Club (Morecambe) is being turned into a pub..

8 March

Change of licensee at:

10 March

Change of licensee at:

The licensee of the George & Dragon (Lancaster) has given her notice..

The Old Hall (Heysham) is closed for refurb..

15 March

H2O is now called Hustle (Lancaster) ..

16 March

Lancaster Brewery Co: MWS Wholesaling, a beer distributor on Lansil Industrial Estate, is to set up a brewery under the name of “Lancaster Brewery Company”. This is to be a joint venture with C2 Investments. Building work has started: brewing expected late May/early June.

30 March

LAOne (Lancaster) is closed for refurb..

Brysons: Brysons of Heysham are to restart brewing. George Palmer says: “We are to recommence brewing in the near future. We are being helped by Morecambe Bay Wines and Spirits, who will handle sales and distribution for us. They are also supplying us with premises in the short term. We will be restarting with our current (4 barrel) plant, but it is our aim to open a 20 barrel plant once we are re-established and the sales are there to justify the expansion.&rdquo

3 April

The Nib (Warton) has guest beers again..

4 April

Change of licensee at:

Alterations forthcoming at Red’s (Lancaster) ..

5 April

The Three Mariners (Lancaster) has reopened after a comprehensive re-vamp. The bar has moved and there are now six independent cask beers on sale...

13 April

The Farmer’s Arms (Garstang) is to let again..

14 April

Change of licensee at:

The Blue Anchor (Central Lancaster) is to switch to tenancy. This is a pub which has always performed below its potential. Can Mitchells find the right tenant?.

There are rumours that the Bowling Green (Lancaster) is to close. Any facts would be welcome..

The licensee of the Duke of Rothesay (Heysham) is to leave soon..

The King’s Arms (Hale) is to switch to management..

The licensee of the Manor (Cockerham) is to leave soon..

The William Mitchell (Morecambe) is closedt, being gutted and to reopen with a new licensee..

16 April

The Old Hall (Heysham) has reopened after its refurb. In between the old features of the building is a modern, clutter-free design that is not very sympathetic to it. Beer unchanged (unfortunately)..

22 April

Paddy Mulligan’s (Lancaster) has become the first no-smoking pub in the area...

The Blue Anchor (Skerton) is shut..

6 May

Change of licensee at:

LAOne (Lancaster) has reopened after refurbishment..

8 May

The Crown (Morecambe) has reopened. The bar is now largely a restaurant. No cask beer..

10 May

The Kenlis Arms (Barnacre) now has guest beers (in fact for a while)..

The New Holly (Forton) has reopened but the refurbishment has not happened and will not until June 20. The rooms will be reduced to two. Two Thwaites cask beers on sale at the moment..

12 May

The manager of the Greaves (Lancaster) has left..

The Limeburner’s Arms (Nether Kellet) has regular real ales..

The White Cross (Lancaster) now has more guests. Tirril beer should be available shortly.

13 May

The Blue Anchor (Skerton) is to be auctioned (expected to fetch about £100 000)..

21 May

Lancaster Brewery Co: Have now appointed a brewer - Will Pammenter, who some of you may know.

: Jennings have been taken over by Wolverhampton & Dudley.

: Yates (of wine Lodge fame) have been bought by the man who owns Laurel, with a view to merging the two.

27 May

The Castle (Hornby) has closed for refurbishment..

1 June

Change of licensee at:

Duke’s (Ingleton) (the only non-supermarket around here to sell bottle-conditioned ales) is for sale..

3 June

Change of licensee at:

Alterations proposed at the Royal (Silverdale) ..

13 June

The Ring O’Bells (Lancaster) is being refurbished..

16 June

The Duke of Lancaster (Lancaster) is changing hands..

Gail is to leave the Punch Bowl (Bentham) ..

Thurnham Mill (Conder Green) is closing from September to December for a "massive gut" and will become the Mill Inn..

20 June

Thurnham Mill (Conder Green) has changed its name to Mill Inn

22 June

Lancaster Brewery Co: Lancaster Brewery Company have started brewing (on Lansil Industrial Estate). The first brews were available on 10 July in the Water Witch and Sun (Lancaster), and other pubs

27 June

The Ring O’Bells (Lancaster) is open but the redecoration is unfinished..

1 July

Change of licensee at:

5 July

Brewster &, Travel Inn (Lancaster) has changed its name to Cottams Field

7 July

The White Lion (Halton) is shut..

The Limeburner’s Arms (Nether Kellet) is having minor alterations done. When complete, the draught beer will live in the cellar, which should improve beer quality..

15 July

Royal (Lancaster) has changed its name to Latino’s

17 July

Avebury Taverns have joined the vast and expanding Punch Taverns.

18 July

The Vine (Lancaster) is to let..

27 July

Brysons: Brysons is now brewing again and will be available at the Carleton (Morecambe) and the Bowerham (Lancaster) on the weekend of 29 July.

2 August

Change of licensee at:

The Park (Lancaster) is closed for a refurb...

The Ridge (Lancaster) is closed and to let..

5 August

Change of licensee at:

The opening of the Barrows (Heysham) has been delayed..

The Hampson (Hampson Green) is de-licensed..

8 August

Galleon Club (Morecambe) has changed its name to Galleon

9 August

The Park (Lancaster) is open again..

13 August

The licensee of the White Cross is to take on the Penny Bank (Lancaster) ..

17 August

Brysons: Brysons next brew will be Hurricane, previously a one-off.

19 August

Since anyone called Mulligan has long since left Paddy Mulligan's, it has reverted to being called Stonewell Tavern (Lancaster) ..

30 August

The licensee of the Golden Lion (Lancaster) has been asked to go..

7 September

The White Lion (Halton) will reopen in two weeks or so..

10 September

The Oyster Bar has reopened under the name of Office (Morecambe) ..

12 September

Baroque (Morecambe) is to let..

14 September

Lancaster Brewery Co: LBC have a supply deal with Wetherspoons. Look for the beers in their pubs locally.

15 September

Change of licensee at:

The Fox & Goose (Lancaster) is closed till 30 September..

The licensee of the Golden Lion (Lancaster) is leaving on 20 September, to be replaced by the licensee of the John O\'Gaunt (Vale)..

2 October

The Vine (Lancaster) is shut for refurbishment until mid-November..

The White Lion (Halton) is open, selling two cask ales at the moment..

3 October

Change of licensee at:

5 October

Brysons: Brysons have a new brew, called simply “Brysons Bitter”.

6 October

Change of licensee at:

The Fox & Goose (Lancaster) has reopened..

The licensee of the Station (Caton) is leaving soon..

7 October

Change of licensee at:

13 October

The licensee of the Boot & Shoe (Lancaster) is to leave..

Sante (Lancaster) has been sold..

The Skerton (Lancaster) has reopened on 14 October under new management and with two handpumps (not always in use)..

14 October

Change of licensee at:

1 November

Change of licensee at:

4 November

Change of licensee at:

6 November

The licensee of Baroque (Morecambe) has been asked to go and the place is now to let..

The rear of Brook’s (Lancaster) is to become a separate club under the name of “Cuba”..

The licensee of Kampus (Lancaster) is evicted and the place to let..

The Mill Inn (Conder Green) (formerly Thurnham Mill) is to reopen on 10 December with three handpumps...

10 November

The licensee of the Old Hall (Heysham) has moved to the Boot & Shoe (Lancaster) ..

The George Washington (Warton) is to let..

The Rose Tavern (Lancaster) is to let..

15 November

Change of licensee at:

20 November

Dutton Arms (Burton-in-Kendal) has changed its name to Old Station

Carnforth Masonic Hall (Carnforth) has changed its name to Masonic Hall

Change of licensee at:

The Vine & Hops (Lancaster) is to reopen soon as the “Vine & Hops”..

The Goldmine (Skerton) has been renamed “The Goldmine Bar” (must be irony)..

29 November

47 North Road is to open as a “food-led” pub called the Orchard (Lancaster) ..

3 December

The Canal Turn (Carnforth) is to let..

The licensee of the George Washington (Warton) is leaving in March..

Kampus (Lancaster) is for sale..

4 December

The Spirit Group have been acquired by Punch Taverns. The group originated as a spin-off from Punch, which suggests something wrong somewhere. Some pubs will be converted to tenancy (Spirit pubs are all managed) and some sold off.

6 December

The Morecambe (Morecambe) is to let..

The Royal (Morecambe) is to let..

15 December

Change of licensee at:
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