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News Archive for 2006

Much of what has appeared on this site and its predecessor has vanished forever. From August 2002, these pages are an essentially complete record of the pub and brewery news, arranged in chronological order. (“Essentially complete” means “those things that came to our attention which have not since fallen prey to computer malfunction“) Before then, there is a patchy and incomplete record of pub news, culled from a variety of sources. Note that in a number of cases news items were published in good faith which subsequently turned out to be not entirely true. No attempt has been made to retrospectively hide our errors.

6 January

Lancaster Brewery Co: Lancaster Brewery has a new beer called “Borasic” (this should be “Boracic”=Boracic lint=skint=what people are after Christmas), an amber bitter at 3.7%.

12 January

The Goldmine (Skerton) has reopened..

The Office (Morecambe) is to reopen at Easter as a pole-dancing venue..

15 January

Change of licensee at:

30 January

The Royal (Silverdale) is closed for alterations and should open in March..

1 February

Lancaster Brewery Co: New brew from LBC — Loyne’s Luck, A 4.3% ABV malt-accented brew. If this offering is anything to go by, this firm are getting their act together.

5 February

The Penny Bank (Lancaster) is to have a facelift..

The Royal (Bolton-le-Sands) is shortly to close for refurbishment..

The Water Witch (Lancaster) is to gain four new handpumps..

15 February

Change of licensee at:

16 February

The Blob Shop (Lancaster) is being seriously done out and is to reopen as the Borough..

21 February

The Stork (Conder Green) is now managed by T & P Inns. No obvious changes yet..

22 February

Fred’s on the Ball has reverted to its old name of Charlestons (Morecambe) .

23 February

C2 Investments: C2 Investments have taken on a new pub — the Guild Tavern in Preston. It will be comprehensively altered, like the Sun (Lancaster).

Meanwhile, the Sun and the Water Witch have started having a regular monthly beer festival, starting with ten ales from Moorhouse's on 25-26 February.

8 March

The Borough (Lancaster) (formerly the Blob Shop) has reopened. The layout is the same, but it has been redecorated and equipped with chandeliers. Beer worth your attention. Seems to be privately owned but with assistance from Thwaites..

9 March

Hustle (Lancaster) is for sale..

The lease of the Marton Arms (Thornton-in-Lonsdale) is for sale..

Correction: The licensee of the Smuggler’s Den (Morecambe) has not left. Also, it has had Weston Old Rosie on sale for some time.

14 March

The Borough (Lancaster) is now open. It is privately-owned, with a good choice of beer. They have opened a function room upstairs (how long ago is it since there was a new function room round here?). Downstairs has been redecorated and had chandeliers installed..

15 March

Change of licensee at:

8 April

The Royal (Silverdale) has reopened following refurb..

12 April

The Duke of Lancaster (Lancaster) had no cask beer on a recent visit but still advertises the same outside. .

The Penny Bank (Lancaster) refurb should be finished and officially re-launched on 19 April..

The Rose Tavern (Lancaster) is being refurbished..

The Smuggler’s Den (Morecambe) is getting a new kitchen..

15 April

Change of licensee at:

28 April

Brysons: Brysons St George’s Ale has been revived. It's still red.

4 May

Kampus (Lancaster) is now open under the name of “The Pub”, a “rock/alternative pub”..

The Punch Bowl (Bentham) has had a fire. More details as we have them.

Huey’s (Morecambe) has become Chill, a juice and smoothie bar and not a pub..

5 May

Bradford Arms (Morecambe) has changed its name to Bradford

Kampus (Lancaster) has changed its name to The Pub

Huey’s (Morecambe) has changed its name to Chill

Baroque has now reopened under its original name of the Queen’s (Morecambe) . The interior seems unaltered. No cask beer..

11 May

The Bare Institute (Morecambe) had no cask beer on a recent visit, but is due to get some..

The George & Dragon (Lancaster) is shut..

The former Sidings Bar at the Greaves (Lancaster) has reopened under the name “Last Drop Inn”. Cask ale is advertised.

The Royal (Bolton-le-Sands) reopened on 11 May. It is now much larger — an out-and-out pub-restaurant. Beer range same..

12 May

Lancaster Brewery Co: This May, Lancaster Brewery are brewing two milds: Lancaster Mild and Golden Mild.

14 May

Sadly the Punch Bowl (Bentham) is closed until further notice. It is expected to reopen. The closure was due to an electrical fire during the night in the kitchen area - this caused extensive damage throughout the pub. The owners/tenants owe their life to an effective smoke alarm..

Sadly the Punch Bowl (Bentham) is closed until further notice. It is expected to reopen. The closure was due to an electrical fire during the night in the kitchen area - this caused extensive damage throughout the pub. The tenants owe their life to an effective smoke alarm..

15 May

Change of licensee at:

The New Inn (Galgate) is to let..

The White Lion (Halton) is to let..

The York (Morecambe) is to let..

The Ridge (Lancaster) (still closed) is to let..

Whitbread : Whitbread are selling off all their pubs that are not attached to Travel Inns, which means, inter alia, that the Greaves Park (Lancaster) and the Shrimp (Morecambe) will soon have new owners.

25 May

Sante (Lancaster) has changed its name to Metro

30 May

Lancaster Brewery Co: LBC’s latest is called “Tower”, a dark reddish-brown 5%-er.

7 June

The licensee of the Britannia has moved to the Rose Tavern (Lancaster) ..

10 June

The Punch Bowl (Bentham) re-opened for business on Saturday June 10..

13 June

The Bath (Morecambe) has been re-let and should be open soon..

The Pub (Lancaster) now has Bank Top Flat Cap as a permanent beer..

The York (Morecambe) has a new landlord and cask beer..

Lancaster Brewery Co: LBC’s July offering will be a golden ale called “Ned Barlow&rdquo

15 June

Change of licensee at:

16 June

The licensee of the Greyhound (Halton) has absconded. It is open under temporary management..

20 June

The Royal (Silverdale) has been acquired by the local milkman..

Lancaster Brewery Co: Another new one from LBC — Metatars Ale — 4.2%. Pale in colour but rather sweet. One of the many brewed for the World Cup.

21 June

I hear the Landlord at the Nib (Warton) is leaving in September. .

9 July

Revolution (Lancaster) is closed for refurbishment..

Mitchells: Mitchells are selling three hotels — County (Carnforth), Crofter’s (Garstang) and Elms (Morecambe).

10 July

The George & Dragon (Lancaster) has reopened under new ownership..

11 July

Lancaster Brewery Co: Lancaster’s August beer will be a 4.2% chestnut beer called “Dolly Blue”.

15 July

Change of licensee at:

21 July

The Redwell (Gressingham) has been bought by Enterprise Inns but is managed by T&P..

25 July

The Old Station (Giggleswick) will reopen on 25 August..

Whitbread : have sold a lot of pubs to M&B.

30 July

The Bath (Morecambe) has reopened..

3 August

Lancaster Brewery Co: LBC’s August beer is in fact called “Turner’s Sunset”. Their September beer is scheduled to be called “Giant Axe”. Tower is coming back.

9 August

The Boot & Shoe (Lancaster) is losing its bowling green for a car park (shame!)..

10 August

Change of licensee at:

The Golden Lion (Lancaster) is closed while a new tenant is found..

Revolution (Lancaster) has reopened..

11 August

Change of licensee at:

17 August

The Bowerham (Lancaster) is to have minor alterations..

22 August

The Highwayman (Nether Burrow) is shut but there is s a planning application for an extension..

26 August

The Golden Lion (Lancaster) reopened on 25 August with Tim Tomlinson (White Cross, Penny Bank) in charge. Deuchars IPA on at the moment..

30 August

The New Inn (Wray) is shut until mid-October when a new licensee will take over..

12 September

Ruxton’s (Lancaster) is to close for refurbishment and will open as “The Square”..

24 September

The Metro (Lancaster) is closed and the receivers are in..

The Stonewell Tavern (Lancaster) is closed for a change of management..

30 September

Lancaster Brewery Co: The October LBC ale is “Coven Ale” at 4.6 % ABV.

1 October

Change of licensee at:

2 October

Duke’s (Ingleton) is to close in March 2007 if a buyer is not found (the best off-licence for some distance)..

4 October

The lease on the Water Witch (Lancaster) is to be taken by Mitchells. C2 are concentrating on the hotel-bar concept as prototyped by the Sun..

14 October

Keith Mannion of the New Inn (Clapham) , the area\'s longest-serving licensee, is to sell up..

17 October

The Greaves Park (Lancaster) (selling Landlord at the moment) is to be refurbished in February, and may at some point have a Travel Inn built next to it..

LAOne (Lancaster) is to let..

The Merchant’s (Lancaster) is to let..

The Shrimp (Morecambe) has been acquired by M&B and is to be re-branded as a Toby Inn, which should make little difference to the way it operates..

21 October

Lancaster Brewery Co: Lancaster Tower is back as a permanent beer.

The November beer is called “Dark Side of the Lune”, a 4.7% brew.

29 October

Change of licensee at:

The Stonewell Tavern (Lancaster) has reopened..

The Water Witch (Lancaster) changes hands on the 11 November..

Brysons: Quayside has been revived and is in pubs now.

8 November

The Flag (Nateby) is closed for refurbishment..

11 November

Change of licensee at:

14 November

Change of licensee at:

The Water Witch (Lancaster) has not yet changed hands. Mitchells are dragging their feet..

The licensee of the Farmer\'s Arms (Lancaster) has taken on the Black Bull (Brookhouse) ..

The licensee of the Blue Anchor (Lancaster) has taken on the Globe (Overton) ..

Metro (Lancaster) is possibly to become a pizza parlour..

The licensee of the Farmer’s Arms (Lancaster) has taken on the Black Bull (Brookhouse) ..

19 November

Ribble Valley Inns (an associate company of Northcote Manor) hope to reopen the Highwayman (Nether Burrow) in March 2007..

30 November

Brysons: George Palmer, founder of and brewer at Brysons is to retire and has sold the business to Morecambe Bay Wines and Spirits (MBW). As they have been handling marketing and distribution for some time and the second brewer is staying, continuity rather than sudden change is to be expected.

10 December

Ruxton’s (Lancaster) has changed its name to Square

12 December

The Farmer's Arms (Lancaster) is to close in March or April for an extensive refurbishment..

The Morecambe (Morecambe) is shut..

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