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The Gradbar Cider and Perry Festival October 2008

The Gradbar Cider and Perry Festival was packed on Thursday, the first day. Gareth has done for real cider what his beer festivals did for real ale — introduce a new generation who might otherwise think that cider is something you drink with ice.

There were 14 ciders and 5 perries. One listed cider has not arrived on Thursday but it might have done later in the fest.

The tasting notes we made were not entirely legible but this is what I make of them:

There was a marquee outside but it was too cold for many people to want to sit in it.

Mention should be made of the band (inside). Too loud as always, but competent covers of Cream, Hendrix, Free, ZZ Top, AC/DC and even one Beatles number. What the under-25s (the vast majority of the audience) made of it I don’t know.