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Friday 30th August 2019 by Lawrence Bland

On a warm day, we caught trains to Stockport, running late as usual and being Summer were full. We had a tour of the Robinsons Brewery, sampling their ‘Dizzy Blonde’ and ‘Trooper’ along with a ‘Bornhoppy’ the seasonal special in the Visitors Centre. A short walk to the Market Place, and a visit to the Remedy Bar & Brewhouse, although none of their beers was ready for drinking, we had a Black Edge ‘West Coast’, Walking downhill, Stockport like Rome seems to be built on seven hills! Crossing the old Cheshire/Lancashire border into Heaton Norris, we first visited the Magnet, now seems to be a former brewpub, but had plenty of good beer, we sampled Tatton ‘Blond’ & ‘Best Bitter’. Going further up hill to the Hope Inn, the home of the Fool Hardy ales, I thought a great pub, tasting their ‘Rash’ & ‘Risky Blond’. Walking downhill to our last pub, the Crown, underneath the railway arches, this used to be a tap for the Stockport Brewery, but no more, and we a Mighty Medicine ‘Manchester’ & ‘Pink Grapefruit Cream’. Back uphill to the station and trains back home.